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This site is all about my hobby. Building plastic models, predominantly aeroplanes in scale 1:48. I share kit reviews, detail pictures of real planes, tips & tricks etc.


Plastic kit reviews, written as I built them
I continuously write new reviews of the kits I build. Hopefully informative to if you're thinking about buying a kit. The latest review is of the Saab SH/SF 37 Viggen by Tarangus in 1/48.


Themed kit building
Sometime I build several kits connected to a historical event. My latest history project is Midway epilogue - Operation Vengeance. Reading with pictures of the models as well.


Reference pictures of real planes
I know the importance of good pictures of the original when building kits. I photograph these as often as I can. Latest added is pictures of the (Augusta) Bell 204 (Huey).


Sharing experience
Building models is a constant learning. Here I try to share some of what I've learned along the way. I try to cover the most important aspects in an easy way. It's not in depth but I like to think it's useful.

The occasional blog

Here are the latest thought about modelling and my works in progress.
For a complete list please visit my blog page.

Box review of Special Hobby's 1/48 Reggiane Re.2000 'Re2000 Export Birds'

Special Hobby announced this kit a while back which came as welcome news. Excluding a sad kit form Směr it has been hard to find a kit of the Reggiane Re.2000 in 1/48 (the last new kit was released almost 20 years ago). Interestingly it has first been released in an Export Birds release (which […]

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Building the Tamiya Grumman F-14A Tomcat (part 3)

Sudenly realized that I've neglected to update my build progress. You'll have to excuse me. For the eagled eyed you'd already noticed that I've written a review of the kit build here http://plasticfantastique.com/my-builds/grumman-f-14a-tomcat-tamiya-1-48/. It was a thoroughly enjoyable build and a very good kit. It's always challenging when you use a lot of after market […]

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Box review of Airfix 1/48 de Havilland Tiger Moth

In January 2019 Airfix announced a new tool 1/48 kit of the classical de Havilland Tiger Moth. Now this made me really excited as at the time the only available kit of the Tiger Moth in that scale was a version from SMER and that left e few things to wish for. Unfortunately this kit […]

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Building the Tamiya Grumman F-14A Tomcat (part 2)

Finally I've got moving on my project. It's officially flying. I've acquired a couple of reference books to help me out. One is excellent as expected the other one came as a bit of a let down. The first is "Grumman F-14 Tomcat: A Comprehensive Guide" by Andy Evans from SAM Publications. Their Modellers Datafile […]

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Building the Tamiya Grumman F-14A Tomcat (part 1)

OK, the official start of a new project. Building Tamiya's Grumman F-14A Tomcat in scale 1/48. This one is going to be fun. And slow. My goal is to finish this by January 2020. I've bought a load of after market parts to improve what I've understood to be an already good kit. I started […]

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Back to the background project

Having done the Battle Of Midway 75 Years project I'm temporarily back to my never ending background project, building planes used by the Swedish Air Force. I have a couple projects connected to the Midway project on the shelf, sort of prequel and sequel. It's Doolittle's B-25 from the Doolitle-raid (prequel) and the planes from […]

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