My name is Johan Hammar and I'm the guy behind Plasticfantastique. Besides this web-site Plasticfantastique have it's own Facebook-page (@plasticfantastiquemodels) and it's own Instagram account. All these are about my hobby, plastic models.

As a kid I started to build plastic model kits inspired by my father and my uncle. They both were avid model builders besides being very interested in flying. This I kept up under my teens until I had a virtual air force of planes in scale 1:72. Leaving home I kind of dropped the habit replacing my interest by things more appropriate for a guy of that age.

Later in life I met a new friend and when we sat and shared our backgrounds we found several common grounds amongst one was building plastic models in our youth. At that point we realized: as grown ups we could now afford to buy all those kits that we only could dream of as kids. Said and done we started to build again. Since then I've been building to and from.

Then came the next revelation. Having worked with IT during my entire professional life I at last found that there's a lot of soul mates out there. Also I found the internet filled with useful information within this area too.

So here is my contribution. Stuff that you might find useful mixed with information about the models I build.

Johan Hammar/Plasticfantastique

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