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The iconic Avro Lancaster is probably the best known British bomber. It was based on an earlier design, the Avro Manchester. The Mancester had turned out to be unsuccessful as it was underpowered with it's two Rolls-Royce Vulture engines. A new redesign with four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines was made and the Lancaster prototype took to the air on 9 January 1941. The first production aircraft was delivered in October 1941. It was quickly pressed into service and became the mainstay in the British bomber command and during WWII it preformed some 156.000 sorties. Most famous is probably Operation Chastise where it was used to bomb the dams in the Ruhr Valley on 17-18 March 1943. It was also Lancaster's that finally sunk the German battleship Tirpitz in a fjord in occupied Norway.

The Lancaster continued service well into the 1950's in the RAF in different roles. A total of 59 planes was operated by the French Navy until the mid 60's. Argentina operated 15 planes which was overhauled ex RAF. Some production of the was preformed in Canada during the war (and sent to Europe). After the war Canada operated Lancasters both for photo-reconnaissance and as Maritime Reconnaissance and Patrol aircraft. One plane was sold to Sweden as a test bench for jet engines. Amongst other it tested the engine destined to power both the SAAB J32 Lansen and Saab J35 Draken.

The following pictures is of a Canadian produced Lancaster X that is displayed at Imperial War Museum in Duxford, UK.

Building the Lancaster in 1/48?

There is basically just one kit of the Lancaster in this scale and it is released by Tamiya. However it is released in two versions, one as the ordinary B.I/B.III version and one special release where you can do either the famous Dambuster version (operation Chastise) or the Grand Slam version (with the largest conventional bomb used in the war).


Picture gallery of the Avro Lancaster X at Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Great Britain
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