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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 12

Now this project is getting me a bit frustrated. The Battle Of Midway took (stretching it) three days. This project has now taken over a year. There is now only two kits left and I've started on one of them. So why the frustration? The B-17E Although done an over with I'm not quite happy […]

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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 11

OK, we have now past the target date, June 4. It is now officially really 76 years after the Battle Of Midway. Well not to worry, I'll just keep going. There's two reasons why I missed the target. 1. I had two stow away my hobby stuff for several months due to a move. 2. […]

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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 10

I have seen the old James Bond picture "Never say never again" so I ought to know better. In my last post I happily exclaimed that I had received the last kit in the Battle Of Midway project. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First a progress update. I have finished the Vindicator (read the […]

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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 9

Today, finally, the last kit in the project arrived! The goal is now in sight. But first things first. The Flying Fortress The conversion kit has arrived. As promised it contained parts to not only convert the B-17F to a B-17C or B-17D but also to a B-17E. To be honest that turned out to […]

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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 8

A bit frustrated at this point. But more about that in the later part of my post. The SBD-3 I have slowly started work on the final kit, the Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless. The kit is from Hasegawa and after I built the SBD-2 I have to admit that it's not as good as Academy's SBD-2. […]

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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 7

I'm beginning to reach the end of this project. Just putting the finishing touches to the SBD-2 Dauntless flown by Lt. Iverson. This will be the eleventh kit. Still have two to go so the tally will end at thirteen if not a conversion kit for making a B-17G Flying Fortress into a B-17E miraculously […]

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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 6

Just finished kit number nine, the¬†Nakajima B5N2 Type 97 'Kate'. I've written a review of the kit here. This project has a tendency to grow under way. I started out with nine kits, including two Dauntless, so really eight. This was what I thought was reasonable as it was hard to find more kits of […]

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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 5

I've now started with subjects seven and eight in my project. On my display I now have the Zero, the Val, the Wildcat, the Catalina, the Buffalo and the Avenger. I'm considering starting at new page on this site to write more about the history of each models subject. Like I do on the social […]

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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 4

Finally I can resume my Battle Of Midway project. After almost five months in boxes all my modelling stuff is unpacked. New workspace This paragraph might be a bit off topic but there's an update on the project below. In my new apartment I've set aside a room entirely for my hobby. It still turned […]

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75 years after the Battle of Midway - post 3

The Battle Of Midway project is at a standstill at the moment as a pending move has forced me to temporarily pack all my modelling stuff. Now it's less than three weeks left until I should be able to start again. This however does not hinder me to give an update on my progress. Progress […]

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