What to do when you can't build?

Some time ago we decided to sell our place move. This process involves styling your apartment to show it off to people who might buy it. We engaged a stylist to help us out and it did not come as a big surprise that a hobby corner where I build my plastic models with paint and glue was not considered a selling point. So I had to pack all the stuff into boxes and hide them away. The most daunting task wast to pack all my finished kits. I found that silk paper seems to be the best packing material. I will know when I finally unpack them again.

Now the apartment is sold and I have bought a new one that contains a room for my hobby. Three cheers for that. But I will not have access to it until mid January. Unpacking the stuff to repack it again is not worth the effort so this will be a Christmas without plastic.

So what do I do instead? Well one of the tough assignments is not to buy more kits. I've managed to refrain from doing this... almost. One day I noticed that Pilot Replicas excellent kit of the SAAB J 21A had gone off the market. A quick search on Ebay resulted in me buying the (then) only available kit all the way from France.

Reference pictures

One thing to fill my time with is to improve this web site. This summer I visited four different air museums and took a lot of detailed photographs of the aircraft on display. These serve a excellent reference material when you're building your kits. So I've spent some time publishing more pictures.

I've added the Bücker Bü 181B-1 Bestmann, Douglas Skyraider, Hawker Hunter, North American T-6 Texan and SAAB 21 to the Walk Arounds and added more pictures to the SAAB 29 Tunnan, SAAB 32 Lansen, SAAB 35 Draken and SAAB 37 Viggen. I still have more pictures to add. More pictures of the Swedish E.E. Canberra and the SAAB 39 Gripen is on the way. I should also be able to add SAAB Safir, DeHavilland Vampire, Fokker Triplane and Sopwith Camel, amongst others, to the Walk Arounds collection.

Some reviews?

As I cannot build any kits it's hard to do more reviews. However I found that I had some pictures of previous builds where I've not come around to writing the reviews. Therefore I've been able to add reviews of Pilot Replicas excellent kit of the SAAB J21 A-3 and Tamiyas enjoyable kit of the Fiesler Fi156 Storch. But I think that that's about it for reviews. I could always start a few of kits in the stash to be prepared but nothing that I can publish.

Abstinence problems

I have to admit to being a bit lost some evenings or weekends. I miss the peaceful occupation of constructing an historical aircraft or anything at all as a matter of fact. I have to do with planning ahead and looking forward to what's to come.

In my new flat I will have a special room for my hobby. A large working table, shelves for display and shelves to store my stash. Maybe I'll even get some good ventilation solution to suck out the airbrush fumes out the window.

I can't wait.

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