Blood sucker in day-glow

Sweden was the first foreign country to buy the de Havilland Vampire, the second jet powered aircraft in the Royal Air Force, when they ordered some 70 planes in 1946. Eventually some 437 Vampires saw service in the Swedish Air Force under the code J28.

Here is two versions of Trumpeters kit in 1/48.

The first (in bare metal) is the individual 28181 as it looked like while they tested day glow markings at F8 (an air base) in 1959-1960. By then the plane had been in service since 1950. The plane was written off in an accident on the 13th September 1966 when the pilot made a miss-judgement during take off and landing practice. The pilot survived.

The second (in green/blue) is the individual 28265 who saw service between 1951-1957. It was scrapped after service. This was the most common colour scheme for the Vampires in Swedish service.


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