Walk around the de Havilland DH-112 Venom NF 51

The de Havilland Venom was a development of the de Havilland Vampire, one of the first jet engined aircraft in operational service. Equipped with a more powerful engine, the de Havilland Ghost 103 turbojet, it first flew in 1949. The first deliveries to the RAF was made in 1952. It saw service during the 50's and in the early 60's it was replaced by more modern planes. But it was used in combat in the Suez Crisis, the Malayan Emergency and the Aden Emergency.

The Venom was also exported to Iraq, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and Venezuela. The two planes in these pictures are the night fighter version (NF 51) exported to Sweden. Both saw service at the F1 division in Hässlö, Sweden. At least the later (the yellow one) was later bought for civilian service as a tow plane for targets used in target practising.

Here are pictures of two Swedish planes, one at Flygvapenmuseet, Linköping, Sweden and one at Västerås Flygmuseum, Västerås, Sweden.

Building the de Havilland Venom in 1/48?

Well currently you're out of luck, there are no kits available. But the small but high quality Pilot Replicas has plans for a kit of the night fighter Venom. Unfortunately the company is driven as a hobby project so there is no certainty on this. There is one kit in scale 1/72 from Cyber-Hobby.

Picture gallery of the de Havilland Venom at Flygvapenmuseum in Linköping, Sweden
Picture gallery of the de Havilland Venom at Västerås Flygplansmuseum, Västerås, Sweden
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