Walk around the Gloster Gladiator

Introduced in 1935, the Gladiator was the last bi-plane fighter in the RAF. It was extensivly used in several air forces in the first part of WWII. If you want to learn more about the plane I recommend the Wikipedia article.

Building the Gloster Gladiator in 1/48?

There is three base kits (new tools). The oldest is from Imact Kits introduced in 1968 (last release by Lindberg in 2007), next was a kit from Roden released in 2002 (last release by Eduard) and lastly a release from Merit International released in 2015. The last two is still available. I have just experience of the Roden kit but would very much like to test the Merit release. The Roden kit though can be got in a Finnish version with both two and three bladed propeller and a choice of wheels or skies.

Picture gallery of the Gloster Gladiator displayed at  Flygvapenmuseum, Link√∂ping, Sweden

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