Building the Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib - post 1

Since 2014 when it was released I've had Airfix's Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib in scale 1:24 on my shelf. Finally I've started the build. In these posts I'll try to describe how I build the kit. My choices on the way and methods I use. I hope it can be useful to someone.

The content

The kit's box contain the 16 spruces with parts in a common grey shade in separate plastic bags. The hood is separately packaged in soft protection. The instruction booklet has 48 pages of detailed building instructions. The instructions are fairly clear and the stages seems to be thought trough. The decal sheet has markings for four individual aircrafts.

  1. D-Day spearhead: MN666 'CG' Aircraft flown by Wing Commander Charles Green, No. 121 Wing, Royal Air Force Holmsley South, Hampshire, England and B.5 Le Fresne-Camilly, Lower Normandy, France, June 1944
  2. Normandy workhorse: DN252 'ZY-N' No.247 Squadron, 2nd Tactical Air Force, France and Belgium, June-September 1944
  3. Sharkmouth: MP197 'MR-U' No.245 Squadron, 2nd Tactical Air Force, Germany and RAF Warmwell, Dorset, England, June-August 1945
  4. Canadian bomber: RB389 'I8-P' No.440 Sqadron (Royal Canadian Air Force), 2nd Tactical Air Force, Netherlands and Germany, February-May 1945


Even if the kit is fairly good in quality and detail I usually think that most kits can do with some extra detailing. I usually surf up to Hannants web shop to see what's availible. This time I've chosen three items to add to the kit. They are:

Yahu Models YMA2405 - Instrument panel

Eduard Brassin ED624002 - Detailed guns

Eduard ED23020 - Fabric seat belts

Soon I also realized that this 1:24 Airfix kit did not contain rubber tyres as most of it's predecessors in this scale. The wheels in this kit is in two halves which means that you have to handle a joint running along the outside tyre. So I made another order for:

Eduard Brassin ED624001 - Wheels


The kit's interior is very detailed so it makes sense to have different maintenance hatches open to display this. This has me in two minds. On the one hand the planes mostly has their hatches closed and this would be the natural way to display the kit, ready for flight. On the other hand you want to display all the work you've put into the interior. The kit has three different build choices you can make. One with all the hatches closed, one with the gun ports open and some of the engine visible and one with all the hatches off with the engine and the cooler fully visible. It seems like you have to choose either one.

I will try to make a mix of the first and the second. I.e. with one gun set visible and the other closed and the engine partly visible. Most of all you wish you could make three kits to do all choices at once.


This kit has got a lot of attention as it's one of Airfix's flag ships. There's books, facebook pages, pictures and tons of reviews available. Personally I've bought two books to have as references at hand when I build. These are:


I've also joined the Facebook group 1/24 AIRFIX HAWKER TYPHOON MK.IB BUILDS where I hope to pick up some tips. Then, of course, Google-searches for reference pictures are also invaluble.

Equipped with these references I'm finally ready to go.

To be continued...

Next post will be about constructing the cockpit frame.

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