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Having done the Battle Of Midway 75 Years project I'm temporarily back to my never ending background project, building planes used by the Swedish Air Force. I have a couple projects connected to the Midway project on the shelf, sort of prequel and sequel. It's Doolittle's B-25 from the Doolitle-raid (prequel) and the planes from the Bouganville-raid where they killed Admiral Yamamoto. But I'm done with the Pacific for a while so I'll return to those later.

I've been building kits of Swedish planes since I was young but in recent years I've become more focused. I have a collection of some 25+ on built at the moment and some 10+ unbuilt in my stash. My latest are the Fiat Cr.42 (J 11 in the SAF, kit in scale 1/48 from Classic Airframes) and the Grunau Baby IIB (Se 102 in the SAF, kil in scale 1/48 from Fly).

At the workbench at the moment is Special Hobby's Heinkel He 115 which served as T 2 (T for Torpedo) in the SAF and Tarangus' Scottish Aviation Bulldog which served as Sk 62 (Sk for Skol/School) in the SAF and Fpl 61 (Fpl for Flygplan/Aeroplane) in the Swedish Army.

The Heinkel is a tough kit with a few challenges (it's not the most well done kit) so it's actually resting for a bit. The Bulldog is waiting for some after market stuff I ordered last week. But I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of Tarangus new Saab B 17 that is due in march. It's never been released in scale 1/48 so this will be great. Also Airfix announced a new tooling of the De Havilland Tiger Moth in scale 1/48 due later in 2019. It served as a school plane in the SAF.

So, plenty of things to build for the SAF. But at the same time I'm preparing to start Tamiya's Grumman F-14A Tomcat in scale 1/48. This one I'm going to spend some time on. I've ordered a shit load of after market stuff to this one and a carrier deck diorama base and tow tractor to display it with. This is going to be fun. (And, yes, the Hawker Typhoon in scale 1/24 is still there, a slow project).

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